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Mechanical Engineering

By Girish Chandra Budhalakoti
[ Chief Mechanical Engineer | Indian Railways ]

Career in Career-in-Mechanical-Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Girish Chandra Budhalakoti
Chief Mechanical Engineer | Indian Railways
[ 36 years & 11 months Experience ]

LifePage Career Talk on Mechanical Engineering


Full Talk: https://lifepage.app.link/20170822-0002
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oxEiS_PsRg

By Girish Chandra Budhalakoti
[Chief Mechanical Engineer in Indian Railways]

What is Mechanical Engineering?

Girish Chandra Budhalakoti: "Mechanical engineering is the discipline that applies engineering, physics, and materials science principles to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems. It is the branch of engineering that involves the design, production, and operation of machinery."

How I got into Mechanical Engineering?

Girish Chandra Budhalakoti: "After doing my graduation and post graduation in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Roorkee, I joined Indian Railways in 1982 and worked as Chief Mechanical Engineer."

Girish Chandra Budhalakoti's LifePage:


(Mechanical Engineering, Girish Chandra Budhalakoti, Indian Railways, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering, Mechanical Engineer, Industrial Production, Engineer, Manufacturing)

[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Mechanical Engineering  
     2) Physics and Mathematics  
     3) Management  
     4) Industrial Psychology  
     5) Production Planning  
     6) Finance and Budgeting  
     7) Manufacturing Technology  
     8) Communication  
     9) Managerial Skills  
     10) Computers  
     11) Planning  
     12) Decision Making  
     13) Diversity  
     14) Job Satisfaction  
     15) Opportunity  
     16) Competition  
     17) Hard Working Field  
     18) Labour Problems  
  A Day Of:
     19) Machines  

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