Theatre Acting

By Harshita Guha
[ Theatre Actor | The British School ]

Career in Career-in-Theatre-Acting
Theatre Acting
Harshita Guha
Theatre Actor | The British School
[ 11 years & 5 months Experience ]

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By Harshita Guha
[Theatre Actor in The British School]

What is Theatre Acting?

Harshita Guha: "Theatre acting is live acting where no performance is ever repeated. A theatre actor learns many methods and procedures before he or she gets to perform in a play."

How I got into Theatre Acting?

Harshita Guha: "After completing my post graduation in Theatre. I was trained under Duende School of Physical ensemble theatre U K. After that, I have done many performances in Delhi as a live theatre actor under many theatre companies such as Prastan Delhi. I directed Childrens theatre for Hindi Academy, Govt of India and worked with three Delhi based International schools."

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[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Theatre Acting  
     2) Theatre  
     3) Reading Plays & Books  
     4) Sociology  
     5) Psychology  
     6) Professional Theatre Training  
     7) Communication  
     8) Improvisation  
     9) Observation  
     10) Creativity  
     11) Teamwork  
     12) Interpersonal  
     13) Social Impact  
     14) Continuos Learning  
     15) Culturally Rich  
     16) Associated with live shows  
     17) Sustainability  
     18) Lack of Awareness  
     19) Lack of Thatre Education  
  A Day Of:
     20) Theatre Acting  

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