By Sanya Vij
[ Anchor | Various Assignments ]

Career in Career-in-Anchoring
Sanya Vij
Anchor | Various Assignments
[ 5 years & 5 months Experience ]

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By Sanya Vij
[Anchor in Various Assignments]

What is Anchoring?

Sanya Vij: "An Anchor is the official host for a staged event, performance, or party. Normally, an anchor introduces speakers, makes announcements, and engages with the audience to keep the ceremony agenda flowing as smoothly as possible."

How I got into Anchoring?

Sanya Vij: "I have done Bachelors in Mass Comm & Journalism from Graphic Era University and Masters in Mass Comm & Journalism from IMS Unison University. I have been an anchor for 4 years and have hosted various events like Marriages, Birthday Parties, Beauty Pageants and many more."

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(Anchoring, Sanya Vij, Shows, Live Stage Show, Beauty Pageants, Anchor, Hosts, Master of Ceremonies, Live Stage Anchoring, Entertainment)

[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Anchoring  
     2) Mass Communication  
     3) Event Specific Knowledge  
     4) Entertainment Industry  
     5) Languages & Culture  
     6) Entertainment Skills  
     7) Connection with Audience  
     8) Sense of Humour  
     9) Confidence  
     10) Presentation Skills  
     11) Growth  
     12) Personality Development  
     13) Fame & Recognition  
     14) Handling Audience  
     15) On-Stage Pressures  
     16) Uncertainty  
  A Day Of:
     17) Anchoring  

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