Cabin Crew Flying

By Devina Madan
[ Cabin Crew | Gulf Air ]

Career in Career-in-Cabin-Crew-Flying
Cabin Crew Flying
Devina Madan
Cabin Crew | Gulf Air
[ 5 years Experience ]

What is Cabin Crew Flying?

Devina Madan: "Cabin Crew are members of an aircraft employed by airlines primarily to ensure safety and comfort of passengers abroad commercial flights, on select business jet aircraft, and on some military aircraft."

How I got into Cabin Crew Flying?

Devina Madan: "After completing my graduation, I started my career as a cabin crew member in 1999 with Gulf Air and worked there till 2004. Later on, I started working as a soft skills trainer specializing in aviation and grooming training."

[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Cabin Crew Flying  
     2) Personal Grooming  
     3) Languages  
     4) Customer Service  
     5) Numeric Competency  
     6) Safety Aid  
     7) First Aid  
     8) Services  
     9) Swimming  
     10) Positive Attitude  
     11) Communication  
     12) Teamwork  
     13) Time Management  
     14) Empathy  
     15) Adaptability  
     16) Punctuality  
     17) Maturity & Interpersonal Skills  
     18) Travelling  
     19) Become a Brand Ambassador  
     20) Glamorous Life  
     21) Growth Opportunities  
     22) Work Stress  
     23) Different Time Zones  
     24) Away from Family  
     25) No Holidays  
     26) Restrictions on Having Kids  
  A Day Of:
     27) Cabin Crew Flying  

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