Indian Forest Service

By G S Pande
[ Chief Conservator of Forest | Uttarakhand Forest Department ]

Career in Career-in-Indian-Forest-Service
Indian Forest Service
G S Pande
Chief Conservator of Forest | Uttarakhand Forest Department
[ 26 years & 11 months Experience ]

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By G S Pande
[Chief Conservator of Forest in Uttarakhand Forest Department]

What is Indian Forest Service?

G S Pande: "Indian Forest Service is concerned with overall administrative, economic, legal, and social aspects, as well as scientific and technical aspects, such as silviculture, protection, and forest regulation. This includes management for aesthetics, fish, recreation, urban values, water, wilderness, wildlife, wood products, forest genetic resources, and other forest resource values."

How I got into Indian Forest Service?

G S Pande: "I have done my schooling from L P Govt. Inter College, Bhimtal. I then did B Sc in Geology, Botany, Forestry and M Sc in Forestry. I am from 1992 batch Uttarakhand cadre. I am Chief Conservator of Forest in Forest Department of Uttarakhand."

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(Indian Forest Service, G S Pande, Uttarakhand Forest Department, Chief Conservator of Forest, IFS, Officer, Nature, Wildlife, Manager, Management)

[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Indian Forest Service  
     2) Nature  
     3) Life Sciences  
     4) Forestry  
     5) Environmental Sciences  
     6) Laws  
     7) Technology  
     8) Languages  
     9) Leadership  
     10) Public Interface  
     11) Documentation Skills  
     12) Physical Fitness  
     13) Problem Solving  
     14) Diplomatic Skills  
     15) Resource Management  
     16) Voice of Nature  
     17) Proximity to Nature  
     18) Dynamic Work Environment  
     19) Opportunity for National Integration  
     20) Diverse Career Opportunities  
     21) International Dimension  
     22) Contribution to Society  
     23) Man-Animal Conflict  
     24) Organised Crime  
     25) Limited Resources  
     26) Law Enforcement  
     27) Open Treasure  
  A Day Of:
     28) Indian Forest Service  

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