Rural Tourism

By Mani Mahesh
[ Head of BD & Communications | Green People ]

Career in Career-in-Rural-Tourism
Rural Tourism
Mani Mahesh
Head of BD & Communications | Green People
[ 2 years & 7 months Experience ]

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By Mani Mahesh
[Head of BD & Communications in Green People]

What is Rural Tourism?

Mani Mahesh : "Rural tourism focuses on actively participating in a rural lifestyle. It can be a variant of ecotourism. Many villages can facilitate tourism because many villagers are hospitable and eager to welcome visitors. Agriculture is becoming highly mechanized and therefore, requires less manual labor."

How I got into Rural Tourism?

Mani Mahesh : "I graduated in Journalism & Mass communication. I also did a certification course in Radio Jockeying. I started working with AIR, Jammu as Radio Presenter. I joined Times of India, Jammu as a writer and moved on to become Senior Editor at Times of India Digital. I joined Green People in 2016 as a volunteer for 6 months, moving on to become a Guest Manager. I am Head Business Development & Communication at Green People."

Mani Mahesh 's LifePage:


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[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Rural Tourism  
     2) Culture & Cuisines  
     3) Digital Marketing  
     4) Agriculture  
     5) Languages  
     6) Eco-tourism Guidelines  
     7) Communication Skills  
     8) Hospitality  
     9) Training & Development  
     10) Marketing Skills  
     11) Physical & Mental Fitness  
     12) Serene Locations  
     13) Helping Planet & People  
     14) Boosting Rural Economy  
     15) Skill Deficiency  
     16) Lack of Awareness  
     17) Infrastructure Maintenance  
  A Day Of:
     18) Rural Tourism  

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