Parcel Management

By Baankelal Yadav
[ Chief Luggage Supervisor | Western Railways ]

Career in Career-in-Parcel-Management
Parcel Management
Baankelal Yadav
Chief Luggage Supervisor | Western Railways
[ 28 years & 9 months Experience ]

What is Parcel Management?

Baankelal Yadav: "Parcel Management is the process of managing parcel services which includes checking of irregularities while booking, loading and delivery of goods."

How I got into Parcel Management?

Baankelal Yadav: "After completing my B A (Economics), I got job in Textile Industry where I worked for 7 years and along with that I have also completed Diploma in Textile Manufacturing from Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, Matunga. In 1988, I was selected for Indian Railways as an Assistant Commercial Clerk and got posted in Western Zone of Indian Railways and on 31st March 2017, I retired from western Zone of Indian Railways as a Chief Luggage Supervisor."

[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Parcel Management  
     2) Safety Measures  
     3) Parcel Process  
     4) Commercial Process  
     5) Legal Knowledge  
     6) Punctuality  
     7) Situation Handling  
     8) Multitasking  
     9) Social Networking  
     10) Secure Life  
     11) Odd Working Hours  
  A Day Of:
     12) Parcel Management  

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