Emergency Medicine

By Dr Saurabh Kumar Singh
[ Head of Emergency Department | VelMed Hospital ]

Career in Career-in-Emergency-Medicine
Emergency Medicine
Dr Saurabh Kumar Singh
Head of Emergency Department | VelMed Hospital
[ 3 years Experience ]

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By Dr Saurabh Kumar Singh
[Head of Emergency Department in VelMed Hospital]

What is Emergency Medicine?

Dr Saurabh Kumar Singh: "Emergency medicine is the medical specialty concerned with the care of illnesses or injuries requiring immediate medical attention. Emergency physicians care for unscheduled and undifferentiated patients of all ages."

How I got into Emergency Medicine?

Dr Saurabh Kumar Singh: "After completing my MBBS & MEM, I started practicing in Emergency Medicine. In 2018, I joined VelMed Hospital as the Head of Emergency Department."

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[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Emergency Medicine  
     2) Golden Hour Practice  
     3) Evidence Made Practice  
     4) Provisional Diagnosis  
     5) Every Expertise  
     6) Behaviour Science  
     7) EMS Service  
     8) Quick Decision Making  
     9) Counselling & Communication  
     10) Life Saving Interventions  
     11) Pressure Handling  
     12) Modern Medicine Practice  
     13) Clinical Observation  
     14) Highly Demanding Profession  
     15) Community Interaction  
     16) Self Satisfaction  
     17) Monetary Potential  
     18) Lack of Awareness  
     19) Working in Remote Areas  
     20) 24*7 Availability  
     21) Stretching the Limit  
     22) Dealing with the Department  
  A Day Of:
     23) Emergency Medicine  

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