By Late Narendra Jha
[ Actor | Bollywood, Mumbai ]

Career in Career-in-Acting
Late Narendra Jha
Actor | Bollywood, Mumbai
[ 22 years & 2 months Experience ]

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By Late Narendra Jha
[Actor in Bollywood, Mumbai]

What is Acting?

Late Narendra Jha: "Acting is to make believe a situation which is not true. In other words, acting is reacting to a particular situation and playing different fictional roles and duties of other people in plays, movies, theatre and drama."

How I got into Acting?

Late Narendra Jha: "I did my M A from JNU, Delhi. Then I completed a one year acting course from SRCC. I did 200 Ad films, 75 TV serials with more than 10000 episodes, 40 Movies and 5 international projects, my first serial was "Shanti"."

(Acting, Narendra Jha, Bollywood, Mumbai, Actor, Theatre, Stagecraft, Film Production, Film & Television, Fictional Roles)

[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Acting  
     2) Literature  
     3) Film Literature  
     4) Marketing  
     5) Observation  
     6) Commitment  
     7) Oration  
     8) Adaptiveness   
     9) Self Discipline  
     10) Quick Learner  
     11) Fitness & Endurance  
     12) Networking  
     13) Patience & Optimism   
     14) Diplomacy  
     15) Due Diligence  
     16) Popularity  
     17) Monetary Potential   
     18) Sense of Satisfaction   
     19) Lack of Privacy  
     20) Uncertainty  
     21) Competition  
  A Day Of:
     22) Acting  

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