Advertisement Sales

By Astha Jhaldiyal
[ Assistant Manager - Sales | Zee Entertainment Ltd ]

Career in Career-in-Advertisement-Sales
Advertisement Sales
Astha Jhaldiyal
Assistant Manager - Sales | Zee Entertainment Ltd
[ 5 years & 1 month Experience ]

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By Astha Jhaldiyal
[Assistant Manager - Sales in Zee Entertainment Ltd]

What is Advertisement Sales?

Astha Jhaldiyal: "An advertising sales agent, sometimes referred to as an advertising executive, is someone who sells advertising space to businesses and individuals. They work in a range of industries, including advertising agencies, radio, television and internet publishing."

How I got into Advertisement Sales?

Astha Jhaldiyal: "After completing my Schooling from Amity, Noida, I did my Graduation from Gargi College. I then did MBA in Marketing and Sales from Amity University. I was working as an Assistant Manager Sales in Zee Entertainment Ltd."

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(Astha Jhaldiyal, Advertisement Sales, Zee Entertainment, Media Sales, Business Development, Ad Sales)

[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Advertisement Sales  
     2) Kotlers Book  
     3) Basic Computer Knowledge  
     4) Brand Knowledge  
     5) Extrovert  
     6) Patience  
     7) Good Communication  
     8) Confidence  
     9) Creativity  
     10) Planning and Management  
     11) Personality Development  
     12) Good Income  
     13) Socializing  
     14) Self Satisfaction  
     15) Breaking the Ice  
     16) Converting a Lead  
     17) High Competition  
  A Day Of:
     18) Advertisement Sales  

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