Asset Sales

By Arjun Lal
[ Sales Manager | ICICI Bank, Goa ]

Career in Career-in-Asset-Sales
Asset Sales
Arjun Lal
Sales Manager | ICICI Bank, Goa
[ 8 years & 4 months Experience ]

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By Arjun Lal
[Sales Manager in ICICI Bank, Goa]

What is Asset Sales?

Arjun Lal: "Assets are related to loans and in asset sales, an individual is required to sell loans. The Loan Portfolio includes home loans, car loans, personal loans, credit cards, loans against property and gold loans. An asset manager needs to understand the customers asset requirements before offering them a particular loan."

How I got into Asset Sales?

Arjun Lal: "After completing my B Sc in Physical Education, I did my M B A from The National Institute of Management, Kolkata. I then got selected for ICICI Bank as an Asset Sales Manager and then persued my M A in Education from Azim Premji University."

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[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Asset Sales  
     2) Finance  
     3) Marketing  
     4) Management  
     5) Market Awareness  
     6) Communication  
     7) Understanding Of Policies  
     8) Customer Relations  
     9) Planning and Organising  
     10) Reflection  
     11) Target Orientation  
     12) Motivation  
     13) Handle Pressure  
     14) Team Work  
     15) Human Psychology  
     16) Strong Team Player  
     17) Excellence Everyday  
     18) Monetary Potential  
     19) Develop Network  
     20) Erratic Working hours  
     21) Work Pressure  
     22) Uncertainties  
     23) Emotional Disconnect  
  A Day Of:
     24) Asset Sales  

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