By Nora Elizabeth Ibarra
[ Biochemist | Clinical Biochemistry Lab ]

Career in Career-in-Biochemistry
Nora Elizabeth Ibarra
Biochemist | Clinical Biochemistry Lab
[ 19 years & 3 months Experience ]

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By Nora Elizabeth Ibarra
[Biochemist in Clinical Biochemistry Lab]

What is Biochemistry?

Nora Elizabeth Ibarra: "Biochemistry is a profession very related to medicine, in fact the doctor, to give a diagnosis, depends on our work. It is closely related to the biological sciences and the exact sciences. A clinical biochemist, which is my case, what it does is to determine, by means of chemical reactions in the laboratory, different studies to help the doctor give an exact diagnosis."

How I got into Biochemistry?

Nora Elizabeth Ibarra: "I studied at the UNT. I have worked independently in my laboratory for 22 years. I also work in a locality in the interior of Tucumán in the clinical and bacteriological area. I always do national and regional conferences and actualization, usually at least two a year, and that allows me to update and improve my knowledge to then apply it in my profession."

(Biochemistry, Nora Elizabeth Ibarra, Exact Sciences, Clinical, Doctor)

[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Biochemistry  
     2) Exact Sciences  
     3) Anatomy  
     4) Computer Science  
     5) Empathy  
     6) Concentration  
     7) Logical Thinking  
     8) Responsibility  
     9) Working Alone  
     10) Satisfaction  
     11) Personal Growth  
     12) Constant Improvements  
     13) International Relationships  
     14) Job Diversity  
     15) Initial Investment  
     16) Little Recognition  
     17) Competition  
     18) Professional Ethics  
     19) Demanding Career  
  A Day Of:
     20) Hard Work  

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