Commercial Flying

By Capt Devendra Sachan
[ Chief Pilot | Uttarakhand Government ]

Career in Career-in-Commercial-Flying
Commercial Flying
Capt Devendra Sachan
Chief Pilot | Uttarakhand Government
[ 12 years Experience ]

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By Capt Devendra Sachan
[Chief Pilot in Uttarakhand Government]

What is Commercial Flying?

Capt Devendra Sachan: "Commercial Flying is any flying which is not covered under defense and hobby flying. It involves commercial flights handling, navigating the planes using the Jeppesen charts. The basic requirements to obtain the license and the privileges it confers are agreed internationally by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). In India the department which controls that is the DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation). Commercial Flying can be started after obtaining CPL (Commercial Pilot License)."

How I got into Commercial Flying?

Capt Devendra Sachan: "While doing my graduation, I started preparing for Indian Air Force and joined the force in 1987. I worked there for 21 years and flied different types of planes. With that experience, I cleared the top license in commercial flying called ATPL in 2006. After that, I started flying for Government of Uttarakhand as a Chief Pilot."

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[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Commercial Flying  
     2) Aerodynamics & Aero Engines  
     3) Navigation  
     4) Meteorology  
     5) Radio Aids & Electronics  
     6) DGCA Rules & Regulations  
     7) Communication  
     8) Stress Management  
     9) Coordination  
     10) Leadership  
     11) Quick & Effective Response   
     12) Early Settlement & Recognition  
     13) Challenging & Satisfying Job  
     14) Vast Career Opportunity  
     15) Never Monotonous  
     16) High Initial Training Cost  
     17) Medical Fitness  
     18) Erratic Working Hours  
     19) Life Long Studies  
     20) Disciplined Life Style  
  A Day Of:
     21) Commercial Flying  

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