Commercial Flying

By Anny Divya
[ Senior Captain | Air India ]

Career in Career-in-Commercial-Flying
Commercial Flying
Anny Divya
Senior Captain | Air India
[ 15 years & 8 months Experience ]

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By Anny Divya
[Senior Captain in Air India]

What is Commercial Flying?

Anny Divya: "Commercial aviation is the part of civil aviation (both general aviation and scheduled airline services) that involves operating aircraft for hire to transport passengers or multiple loads of cargo."

How I got into Commercial Flying?

Anny Divya: "After completing my schooling, I joined Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi. I have been flying with Air India since 2003."

Anny Divya's LifePage:


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[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Commercial Flying   
     2) Aircraft Technical  
     3) Navigation and Radio Aids  
     4) Meteorology  
     5) Air Regulations  
     6) Aircraft Specific Technical  
     7) Multitasking  
     8) Situational Awareness  
     9) Physical and Mental Agility  
     10) Time Management  
     11) Crew Resource Management  
     12) Motor Skills  
     13) Communication  
     14) Travelling  
     15) Never Monotonous  
     16) Good Perks  
     17) Well Respected  
     18) Adventurous  
     19) Uniform  
     20) Long Working Hours  
     21) Cultural Challenges  
     22) Continuous Assessments and Studies  
     23) Maintain Good Health  
     24) Less Family Time  
     25) High Initial Training Cost  
  A Day Of:
     26) Commercial Flying  

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