Design Education

LifePage Career Talk on Design Education

By Prabhakar Dabral
[Founder in JUG MUG Studio]

Design education is learning how to apply practical methods, prior knowledge, and natural talent to solve new problems. It is also referred to as Creative Education.

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Prabhakar Dabral

B Sc (Fashion & Apparel Design) - Army Institute of Fashion & Design, Bangalore
M Design - National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar

Prabhakar Dabral has done B Sc in Fashion & Apparel Design from Army Institute of Fashion & Design, Bangalore. He has also done a Masters in Design from National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar. He has worked as a Stylist at Pantaloons Retail India Pvt Ltd. He is a Former Guest Faculty at Design Circle. He also interned at Jump Inggoose. He is Founder at Jug Mug Studio, JUG MUG is an initiative to empower & enrich lives around us through interactions and collaborations.

[This Career Talk covers]
  What Is:
     1) Design Education  
     2) Teaching Methodology  
     3) Elements & Principles of Design  
     4) History of Art & Design  
     5) Human Anatomy & Perspective Drawing  
     6) Design Philosophies  
     7) Child Psychology  
     8) Observation Skills  
     9) Visualisation  
     10) Articulation Skills  
     11) Execution Skills  
     12) Hands-on Experience  
     13) Communication Skills  
     14) Social Skills  
     15) Patience & Empathy  
     16) Fun Job  
     17) On-site Learning  
     18) Bridging Gap between Parents & Kids  
     19) Scope of Creativity  
     20) Collaborative Profession  
     21) Handling Students  
     22) Dealing with Parental Insecurities  
     23) Financial Insecurity  
     24) Constant Up Gradation  
  A Day Of:
     25) Design Education  

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