Engineering Research

By Dr G P Kapoor
[ Dean | DIT University ]

Career in Career-in-Engineering-Research
Engineering Research
Dr G P Kapoor
Dean | DIT University
[ 4 years & 4 months Experience ]

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By Dr G P Kapoor
[Dean in DIT University]

What is Engineering Research?

Dr G P Kapoor: "Teaching and Research in natural objects is all about, how you perceive the natural object and simulate it into the machines."

How I got into Engineering Research?

Dr G P Kapoor: "I have done teaching and research in different capacities at IIT Kanpur for 36 years. I have also served as the chairman of AIEEE examinations."

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(Engineering Research, Dr G P Kapoor, DIT University, Teaching, Research, Computer Science, Engineering, Simulation, IT Education)

[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Engineering Research  
     2) Physics  
     3) Maths  
     4) Curiosity Towards Nature  
     5) Programming  
     6) Algorithms  
     7) Logical Thinking  
     8) Communication  
     9) Reading and Writing Skills  
     10) Problem Solving Skills  
     11) Independent Work Environment  
     12) Self Satisfaction  
     13) Serve Society  
     14) Development of Science  
     15) Respect and Recognition  
     16) Commitment  
     17) Perseverence  
     18) Optimism  
     19) Sacrifice  
     20) Problem Simplification  
  A Day Of:
     21) Engineering Research  

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