Fashion Styling

By Ruvisha Dawar
[ Fashion Stylist | Shrikala ]

Career in Career-in-Fashion-Styling
Fashion Styling
Ruvisha Dawar
Fashion Stylist | Shrikala
[ 6 years & 8 months Experience ]

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By Ruvisha Dawar
[Fashion Stylist in Shrikala]

What is Fashion Styling?

Ruvisha Dawar: "Styling is all about how do you potray your body type and understand it. Designing is more about making a finished product, what is there into the creative mind."

How I got into Fashion Styling?

Ruvisha Dawar: "I did my schooling from Hopetown, then went to Asian school, where I pursued Commerce. I did my Graduation from Pearl Academy of Fashion Designing. Interned with NDTV, and now I have my own my clothing line - Shrikala by Ruvisha"

Ruvisha Dawar's LifePage:


(Fashion Styling, Ruvisha Dawar, Shrikala, Style, Clothes, Model, Vintage, Fashion blogger, Trendy)

[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Fashion Styling  
     2) Make up and Body type  
     3) Photography  
     4) Fashion Forecast  
     5) Color sense  
     6) Sketching and Stitching  
     7) Creativity & Innovation  
     8) Communication  
     9) Presentation  
     10) Passion  
     11) Planning and Decision making  
     12) Analytical  
     13) Travelling  
     14) Career oppurtunities  
     15) Meeting New People  
     16) Deep Understanding of fashion  
     17) Raw Materials  
     18) Plagarism  
     19) No time schedule  
     20) Competition  
  A Day Of:
     21) Fashion Styling  

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