General Nursing

LifePage Career Talk on General Nursing

By Monika
[General Nurse in University Hospital Basel]

Nursing is a profession within the healthcare sector focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life.

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Diploma (Nursing) - AKP Basel
Course in Training Nurses - SUEP, Basel

Monika did a Diploma in Nursing from AKP, Basel. She started practicing as a Nurse in 1994. She also did a course in Training Nurses from SUEP, Basel. She works at University Hospital, Basel as a General Nurse.

[This Career Talk covers]
  What Is:
     1) General Nursing  
     2) Physiology  
     3) General Sciences  
     4) Mathematics  
     5) Medicine  
     6) Diseases  
     7) Pathology  
     8) Communication  
     9) Interpersonal  
     10) Teamwork  
     11) Empathy  
     12) Patience & Calmness  
     13) Adaptability  
     14) Organisation  
     15) Serving Society  
     16) Making People Happy  
     17) Flexible Work  
     18) Variety  
     19) Irregular Shifts  
     20) Stressful Environment  
     21) Meeting Expectations  
     22) Increase in Administrative Work  
  A Day Of:
     23) General Nursing  

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