LifePage Career Talk on Housekeeping

By Seema Chaturvedi
[Executive Housekeeper in ITC Maratha, Mumbai]

Housekeeping deals with the general upkeep of a Hotel. Housekeeping includes taking care of the aesthetics as well as cleanliness of the entire Hotel. It also includes taking care of things such as the furniture, fittings and fixtures of the Hotel. It has many departments and offices under it. Few of such departments are laundry and horticulture. It is a very safe industry especially for women.

Seema Chaturvedi

Graduation - Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow University

Hotel Management - WMI

Seema Chaturvedi did her graduation from Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow University and her Hotel Management from WMI. She has been working in the hospitality industry since 1993. She holds the office of the Executive Housekeeper at the ITC Maratha, Mumbai.

[This Career Talk covers]
  What Is:
     1) Housekeeping  
     2) Management  
     3) An Eye for Interiors  
     4) Basics of Computers  
     5) Communication  
     6) Teamwork  
     7) Common Sense  
     8) Aesthetics Sense  
     9) Empathy  
     10) Physical Fitness  
     11) Growth Opportunity  
     12) Exposure to New Things  
     13) Continuous Learning  
     14) Perfection  
     15) Long Work Hours  
     16) Thankless Job  
     17) Crunch of Manpower  
  A Day Of:
     18) Housekeeping  

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