Indian Administrative Service

By Swati Srivastava Bhadauria
[ Additional Secretary | Government of India ]

Career in Career-in-Indian-Administrative-Service
Indian Administrative Service
Swati Srivastava Bhadauria
Additional Secretary | Government of India
[ 7 years Experience ]

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By Swati Srivastava Bhadauria
[Additional Secretary in Government of India]

What is Indian Administrative Service?

Swati Srivastava Bhadauria: "Indian Administrative Service selection is through the UPSC exam and it is common for 24 variety of services. IAS is topmost priorities of people appearing the exam. It is a generalist service and offers a lot of exposure and a very diverse job profile. It includes SDM (Sub Distric Magistrate), DM (District Magistrate) and a varied range of job profiles. IAS plays a key role in administration and policy making."

How I got into Indian Administrative Service?

Swati Srivastava Bhadauria: "I have done my schooling from Little Flower School, Gorakhpur and after that I did B.Tech (Electronics and Communication). I have worked with Reserve Bank of India for 6 months while preparing for the IAS exam. In 2012, I joined IAS in Chattisgarh cadre and got transfer in Uttarakhand in 2015. I have worked as SDM for Mussorie and Dehradun both. Currently working as Additional Secretary, MSME department plus Additional CEO in Khadi and Village Industries Board, Uttarakhand."

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[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Indian Administrative Service  
     2) Law  
     3) Management  
     4) Public Administration  
     5) Technology  
     6) Decision Making Ability  
     7) Skills in Public Dealing  
     8) Ability to learn quickly  
     9) Leadership and Coordination  
     10) Inclination to work for Public Good  
     11) Work Ethics and Integrity  
     12) Communication Skills  
     13) Resourcefulness  
     14) Job Satisfaction  
     15) Diversity in Job  
     16) Social Exposure  
     17) Job Security  
     18) Work-Life Balance  
     19) Pulls and Pressures  
     20) High Scrutiny by Media  
     21) High Judicial Activism  
     22) Exigencies of the Day  
     23) Frequent transfers at times  
  A Day Of:
     24) IAS  

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