Jewellery Designing

LifePage Career Talk on Jewellery Designing

By Ruchi Sharma
[Designer in Ritamvara Jewels]

Jewellery design is the art or profession of designing and making jewellery.

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Ruchi Sharma

Graduation - Kamala Nehru College, DU
Course (Basic Jewellery Design) - JPDC, Jaipur
Course (Advanced Jewellery Design) - JPDC, Jaipur
Course (Gemology)

Ruchi Sharma graduated from Kamala Nehru College, DU. She then decided to do a course in Jewellery Design from Jewellery Product Development Centre, Jaipur. She also did an advanced course in Jewellery Design and a course in Gemology. She worked at Dwarka Gems as a freelance designer for 3 years. She then started her own label by the name Ritamvara Jewels in 2005.

[This Career Talk covers]
  What Is:
     1) Jewellery Designing  
     2) Metals  
     3) Measurements  
     4) Multi-dimensional Understanding  
     5) Effect of Light  
     6) Gemology  
     7) Computer-Aided Designing  
     8) Latest Trends & Techniques  
     9) Hands-on Experience  
     10) Sketching Skills  
     11) Creativity  
     12) Conceptualisation & Visualisation  
     13) Adding Value to Product  
     14) Eye for Aesthetics  
     15) Creative Satisfaction  
     16) Flexible Working Hours  
     17) Monetary Potential  
     18) Entrepreneurial Opportunity  
     19) Glamour & Travelling  
     20) Constant Upgradation  
     21) Requirement for Constant Flow of Juices  
     22) High Competition  
     23) Plagiarism  
     24) No Credit for Work  
  A Day Of:
     25) Jewellery Designing  

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