Journal Publishing

By Dr Kapilesh Dave
[ Advisor | IJARCS ]

Career in Career-in-Journal-Publishing
Journal Publishing
Dr Kapilesh Dave
Advisor | IJARCS
[ 7 years & 11 months Experience ]

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By Dr Kapilesh Dave
[Advisor in IJARCS]

What is Journal Publishing?

Dr Kapilesh Dave: "Journal Publishing System is an ecosystem of knowledge environments for scholars, institutions, service providers, suppliers and the general public. The mission of the System is to serve scholarly researchers worldwide and provide an equal opportunity publishing platform. The aim of the Foundation behind the Publishing System is to promote and disseminate scholarly research to all people in all countries."

How I got into Journal Publishing?

Dr Kapilesh Dave: "After completing my B Pharm & M Pharm from BR Nahata College of Pharmacy Mandsaur, MP and then started working as a faculty for B R Nahata College of Pharmacy & Mandsaur Institute of Pharmacy. Later, I did Ph D in Pharmaceuticals Science from Jodhpur University. In 2010, we started our own venture by the name of IJARCS and also working as a reviewer for various journals around the world."

(Journal Publishing, Dr Kapilesh Dave, Advisor, Educationist, Computer Science, Research Papers, Journals, Scholars, Books)

[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Journal Publishing  
     2) Publication Ethics  
     3) Reviewing System  
     4) Software  
     5) Indexing of Journals  
     6) Marketing  
     7) Computer Savvy  
     8) Drafting & Designing  
     9) Communication Skills  
     10) Time Management  
     11) Team Management  
     12) Satisfaction  
     13) Respect  
     14) Monetary Benefits  
     15) Quality Control  
     16) Quality Upgradation  
  A Day Of:
     17) Journal Publishing  

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