Library Management

LifePage Career Talk on Library Management

By Anita Pandey
[Library Assistant in English & Foreign Languages University]

Library management is a sub-discipline of institutional management that focuses on specific issues faced by libraries and library management professionals. Library management encompasses normal managerial tasks, as well as intellectual freedom and fundraising responsibilities.

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Anita Pandey

BA (English) - Lucknow University
BLiSc - Lucknow University
PGD - Library Automation & Networking from Hyderabad Central University

Anita Pandey did BA and BLiSc from Lucknow University and after that she did her MLiSc from IGNOU. Thereafter she did PGD in Automation & Networking from Hyderabad Central University. She was working with English & Foreign Languages University (EFLU) as a Library assistant in Lucknow. She is working as a record incharge at State GOVT Corporation, Dehradun.

[This Career Talk covers]
  What Is:
     1) Library Management  
     2) General Reading  
     3) IT Exposure  
     4) Research Methodology  
     5) Inventory Management  
     6) Organization Management  
     7) Languages  
     8) Subject Combination  
     9) Communication  
     10) Information Seeking Behaviour  
     11) Leadership  
     12) Interpersonal  
     13) Training  
     14) Searching Technique  
     15) Patience  
     16) Energetic  
     17) Job Satisfaction  
     18) Personal Growth  
     19) Social Impact  
     20) Intellectual Orientation  
     21) Lack of Awareness  
     22) Security Control  
     23) Language Barriors  
     24) Lack of Funds  
  A Day Of:
     25) Library Management  

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