Media Education

LifePage Career Talk on Media Education

By S S Dogra
[Managing Director in Dwarka Parichay Media Group]

Media education is the process through which individuals become media literate – able to critically understand the nature, techniques and impacts of media messages and productions.

S S Dogra

S S Dogra was very much interested in TV, Films, Radio and Sports, So he decided to join media. He has been working in media field for the last 22 years.

[This Career Talk covers]
  What Is:
     1) Media Education   
     2) General Awareness  
     3) Technology   
     4) Books-Inspirational  
     5) Talk Shows  
     6) Follow your Interest  
     7) Passion & Dedication  
     8) Communication Skills  
     9) Consistency   
     10) Multitasking   
     11) Practicality  
     12) Glamorous   
     13) Exposure to World   
     14) Respect & Recognition  
     15) Create Better Society  
     16) Creativity & Innovation   
     17) Dreams Come True   
     18) Struggle   
     19) Continuous Updating   
     20) Facing Difficult Situation   
  A Day Of:
     21) Media Education  

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