Motivational Speaking

By Raghavendra Swami
[ Motivational Speaker | Self Employed ]

Career in Career-in-Motivational-Speaking
Motivational Speaking
Raghavendra Swami
Motivational Speaker | Self Employed
[ 10 years & 1 month Experience ]

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By Raghavendra Swami
[Motivational Speaker in Self Employed]

What is Motivational Speaking?

Raghavendra Swami: "Motivational speaking is different from normal speaking. Motivational speaking is the art of making someone motivated to climb the mountain using different set of skills and also make people aware of their real goals."

How I got into Motivational Speaking?

Raghavendra Swami: "I started delivering motivational lectures in the year 2006. I delivered my first motivational lecture at Saharanpur and in the past 10 years I delivered motivational lectures in around 42 places in 10 states."

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[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Motivational Speaking  
     2) Sound Knowledge of Subject  
     3) Environment Learning  
     4) Psychology  
     5) Puzzle Solving  
     6) Reading Short Stories  
     7) Literature   
     8) Keen Learner  
     9) Public Speaking  
     10) Interpersonal  
     11) Think Out of Box  
     12) Confidence  
     13) Communication Skills  
     14) Oration  
     15) Personal Management   
     16) Achievement of Goals   
     17) Satisfaction   
     18) Positive Contribution to Society   
     19) A Profession   
     20) Personal Development  
     21) People Perception   
     22) Sparking Content Building  
  A Day Of:
     23) Motivational Speaking  

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