By Dr Kapil Kalra
[ Principal | Alpine Group of Institutions ]

Career in Career-in-Pharmacy
Dr Kapil Kalra
Principal | Alpine Group of Institutions
[ 10 years & 6 months Experience ]

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By Dr Kapil Kalra
[Principal in Alpine Group of Institutions]

What is Pharmacy?

Dr Kapil Kalra: "Pharmacy is the science and technique of preparing and dispensing drugs. It is a health profession that links health sciences with chemical sciences and aims to ensure the safe and effective use of pharmaceutical drugs."

How I got into Pharmacy?

Dr Kapil Kalra: "After completing my B Pharma from SGRRITS, Dehradun and M Pharma from KMIPS, Orissa, I did my PhD in Pharmacy from Bhagwant University, Ajmer. After that I worked in Dev Bhoomi Group of Institution for three years. I am working as a principal at Alpine Group of Institution since 2011."

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[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Pharmacy  
     2) Medical Chemistry  
     3) Pharmacology  
     4) Pharmaceutics  
     5) Biochemistry  
     6) Ayurveda  
     7) Human Anatomy & Physiology  
     8) Hardworking  
     9) Long Learner  
     10) Patience  
     11) Knowledge About Doses Form  
     12) Counselling & Listening  
     13) New Inventions  
     14) Growth Opportunities  
     15) Monetary Potential  
     16) Never Ending Field  
     17) Competition  
     18) Lack of Awareness  
     19) Lack of Research Facilities  
  A Day Of:
     20) Pharmacist  

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