Pranic Healing

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By Sarita Kothari
[Pranic Healer in All India Yog Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation]

The word Pran in Pranic Healing means life. It is that life source or energy without which one cannot stay alive. When there is a deficiency in the flow of this energy a person may feel physically and emotionally weak. Pranic Healing is a system of energy medicine. It involves channelizing energy absorbed from the surroundings through the healer to the patient. It is used by people in the hope of getting rid of their diseases and ailments.

Sarita Kothari

Graduation - DAV College, Dehradun
Post Graduation - DAV College, Dehradun
Courses (Pranic Healing) - All India Yog Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation

Sarita did her graduation and post graduation from DAV College, Dehradun. She has been practicing Pranic Healing since 2008. She did basic and advance courses in Pranic Healing from the All India Yog Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation which has its head foundation at Tirupati. She is also practicing as a Pranic Healer with All India Yog Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation in Dehradun.

[This Career Talk covers]
  What Is:
     1) Pranic Healing  
     2) Energy Awareness  
     3) Body System  
     4) Self Awareness  
     5) History of Ancient Science  
     6) Yoga  
     7) Prana & Sources of Prana  
     8) Fire Elements  
     9) Communication  
     10) Patience  
     11) Curiosity  
     12) Convincing Others  
     13) Trust Building  
     14) Discipline  
     15) Daily Sadhna  
     16) Maintaining Calm  
     17) Self Purification  
     18) Personality Development  
     19) Societal Impact  
     20) Self Satisfaction  
     21) Respect & Recognition  
     22) Patient Satisfaction  
     23) Lack of Awareness  
     24) Work Life Balance  
  A Day Of:
     25) Pranic Healing  

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