Printed Circuit Board Designing

By Himanshu Sahni
[ Design Engineer | CUBE 26 ]

Career in Career-in-Printed-Circuit-Board-Designing
Printed Circuit Board Designing
Himanshu Sahni
Design Engineer | CUBE 26
[ 4 years Experience ]

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By Himanshu Sahni
[Design Engineer in CUBE 26]

What is Printed Circuit Board Designing?

Himanshu Sahni: "An electronic circuit consisting of thin strips of a conducting material such as copper, which have been etched from a layer fixed to a flat insulating sheet called a printed circuit board, and to which integrated circuits and other components are attached."

How I got into Printed Circuit Board Designing?

Himanshu Sahni: "I did my graduation in B Tech Electronics from Rayat Bahra University. I also interned as an Engineer with Transwitch India Pvt Ltd. I have been working as a Design Engineer with CUBE 26 since 2013."

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[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Printed Circuit Board Designing  
     2) Analogue & Digital Electronics  
     3) Tools  
     4) Embedded Systems  
     5) High Speed Digital Design  
     6) Designing  
     7) Testing  
     8) Production & Raw Materials  
     9) Innovation  
     10) Team Work  
     11) Growth  
     12) Continuous Learning  
     13) Niche Domain  
     14) Lack of R & D Facilities in India  
     15) Market Trends  
  A Day Of:
     16) Printed Circuit Board Designing  

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