Running Family Business

By Randhir Kumar Arora
[ Co-Founder | Book World ]

Career in Career-in-Running-Family-Business
Running Family Business
Randhir Kumar Arora
Co-Founder | Book World
[ 36 years & 3 months Experience ]

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By Randhir Kumar Arora
[Co-Founder in Book World]

What is Running Family Business?

Randhir Kumar Arora: "Running a family business is a kind of business which a person inherits from family. Its is sum of all functions like procurement, inventory, sales and marketing, human resource, accounting, logistics, distribution."

How I got into Running Family Business?

Randhir Kumar Arora: "At the time of my masters I did my thesis on Book Marketing in Hills where my interest in books started. I worked in Advertising for 8 years and ran Archies distribution for 8 years. In 2001 I joined my family business of selling books, Bookworld."

Randhir Kumar Arora's LifePage:


(Running Family Business, Randhir Kumar Arora, Book World, Family Business, Business, Business Owner, Partner, Co-Founder)

[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Running Family Business  
     2) Accounting  
     3) Sales and Marketing  
     4) Business Laws  
     5) Operations  
     6) Process Orientation  
     7) Communication Skills  
     8) Organization Skills   
     9) Networking  
     10) Hobby becomes profession  
     11) Recognition  
     12) Subject Matter Expertise  
     13) Platform  
     14) Profitability  
     15) Maintaining Inventory  
     16) Uncertainty  
     17) Reading & Publishing Challenges  
  A Day Of:
     18) Running family business  

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