Teaching Mass Communication

By Sargam Mehra
[ Teacher | Doon University ]

Career in Career-in-Teaching-Mass-Communication
Teaching Mass Communication
Sargam Mehra
Teacher | Doon University
[ 5 years & 4 months Experience ]

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By Sargam Mehra
[Teacher in Doon University]

What is Teaching Mass Communication?

Sargam Mehra: "Teaching Mass Communication is the imparting or exchanging of information on a large scale to a wide range of people."

How I got into Teaching Mass Communication?

Sargam Mehra: "After completing my MA in Mass Communication, I worked as a journalist at United News and pursuing my PhD from Doon University."

Sargam Mehra's LifePage:


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[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Teaching Mass Communication  
     2) Journalism  
     3) Mass Communication  
     4) Current Affairs  
     5) Social Sciences  
     6) Understanding of Culture  
     7) Patience & Listening  
     8) Reading  
     9) Communication  
     10) Objectivity  
     11) Creative Thinking  
     12) Innovation  
     13) Observation  
     14) Endless Learning  
     15) Access to Rare things  
     16) Respect  
     17) Spreading Knowledge  
     18) Working with new minds  
     19) Fighting with Technology  
     20) Work Pressure  
     21) Difficult Parents  
     22) Confused Students  
     23) Making Students Unlearn  
  A Day Of:
     24) Teaching Mass Communication  

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