Career in Audio Branding

By Vineet KKN Panchhi
[ Founder & Creative Director | Jingles India ]

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What is Audio Branding?

Vineet KKN Panchhi: "Audio Branding is the larger part of branding portfolio like companies have logos, audio signature for instance jingles, caller tunes etc. These are all part of Audio Branding. Audio Branding (in addition) involves using music, voices, a great copy or script, and bringing all this together to create an ad, mnemonic or telephone tune."

How I got into Audio Branding?

Vineet KKN Panchhi: "I started as a Chef and then went into advertising, operations and marketing but finally, I choose to go into music and currently, I am running Audio Branding Company with the name Jingles India."

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  What Is:
     1) Audio Branding  
     2) Music Theory  
     3) Creative Writing  
     4) Sound Engineering  
     5) Sound Acting  
     6) Singing  
     7) Arranging Music  
     8) Communication & Networking  
     9) Creative Stimulation  
     10) Low Investment Business  
     11) Exposure  
     12) Working with Bright Minds  
     13) Music  
     14) Excitement  
     15) Constantly Up Skilling  
     16) Tough Business  
     17) Low Tolerance for Mediocrity  
  A Day Of:
     18) Audio Branding Production  

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