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Career in Media Production

By Prashant Negi
[ Media Production | HNN 24*7, Dehradun ]

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What is Media Production?

Prashant Negi: "Media production specialists are involved in many aspects of producing audio and video content that is used in commercials, movies, online or in other realms. They need to have computer software, video editing and video equipment skills."

How I got into Media Production?

Prashant Negi: "I did my B A in Hindi and thereafter did my diploma in Journalism. I started my career Big Synergy, makers of Kaun Banega Crorepati,Sach Ka Samna, Dus Ka Dum etc. Afterwards I came back to Dehradun and started working in local media houses. I started my own production house called Walk in Woodz and now working with HNN 24*7."

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  What Is:
     1) Media Production  
     2) Mass Communication  
     3) Basic Knowledge of Camera  
     4) Current Affairs  
     5) Editing and Software  
     6) Languages  
     7) Writing Skills  
     8) Communication  
     9) Creativity  
     10) Analytical Skills and Direction  
     11) Team Work  
     12) Time Management  
     13) Research Skills  
     14) Respect and Recognition  
     15) Social Impact  
     16) Vast Career Opportunity and Growth  
     17) Travelling  
     18) Deadlines  
     19) Competition  
     20) New Innovations  
     21) Work Life Balance  
  A Day Of:
     22) Media Production  

LifePage Career Talk on Media Production

Full Talk:

(Media Production, Prashant Negi, HNN 24*7, Dehradun, Media, Electronic Media, Camera, Producer)

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