Career in Internal Audit

By Harshit Gupta
[ Internal Auditor | Ernst & Young New Delhi ]

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What is Internal Audit?

Harshit Gupta: "Internal auditing is an Internal Operation where one assists the management in finding flaws, controls and ways to perform more efficiently. The word Audit means to check and therefore, Internal Auditing is the performing of that function of checking in an Organization."

How I got into Internal Audit?

Harshit Gupta: "I am a Chartered Accountant. I did my schooling from St Josephs Academy, Dehradun. I then studied Commerce at and graduated from Delhi University. I completed studying Chartered Accountancy in 2013. I then, did a few internships. Thereafter, I started working at Ernst & Young at Delhi office as a Consultant in Internal Auditing."

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  What Is:
     1) Internal Audit  
     2) Contemporary Awareness  
     3) Accounting  
     4) Audit & Tools  
     5) Tax & Other Law  
     6) Management  
     7) Data Analysis  
     8) Logical Thinking  
     9) Communication  
     10) Investigative  
     11) Interpersonal  
     12) Leadership  
     13) Planning  
     14) Adaptability  
     15) Respect  
     16) Exposure  
     17) Travel  
     18) Networking  
     19) Personal Growth  
     20) Long Working Hours  
     21) Work Life Balance  
     22) Investigative Rub Off  
     23) High Stake  
  A Day Of:
     24) Internal Audit  

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