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Career in Makeup Training

By Shalini Singh
[ Director | Masters Academy of Make Up Art ]

Career in Career-in-Makeup-Training/english
Makeup Training
Shalini Singh
Director | Masters Academy of Make Up Art
[ 23 years Experience ]

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What is Makeup Training?

Shalini Singh: "Makeup training is teaching Makeup enthusiasts how to do make Up and become Professionals at that field."

How I got into Makeup Training?

Shalini Singh: "After completing my Schooling from Modern School, Delhi, I did my graduation from LSR. I also did my B Ed from Annamalai University. I worked as a Stewardess with Lufthansa and Modiluft. I worked as an Executive Producer with Scene Stealers. I also worked as a Consultant for Product Development and Training & Corporate activities for Colorbar. I have been freelancing as a Makeup Artist. I am working as a Director at MAMA Masters Academy of Makeup Art."

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  What Is:
     1) Makeup Training  
     2) Knowledge of Make Up Techniques  
     3) Understanding Skin  
     4) Colour Theory  
     5) Hygiene  
     6) Face, Eye & Lip Shapes  
     7) Follow Up Artists  
     8) Creativity  
     9) Curious Nature  
     10) Experimentation  
     11) Eye for Detail  
     12) Good Communication  
     13) Patience & Empathy  
     14) Sense of Achievement  
     15) Good Income  
     16) Fame & Respect  
     17) Dynamic & Fun Job  
     18) Continuous Learning  
     19) Availability of Cosmetic Products  
     20) Learning to Unlearn  
  A Day Of:
     21) Makeup Training  

LifePage Career Talk on Makeup Training

Full Talk:

(Makeup Training, Shalini Singh, MAMA, Makeup, Beauty Care, Makeup Products)

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