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Career in Planetarium Management

By Piyush Pandey
[ Director | Various Planetariums ]

Career in Career-in-Planetarium-Management/english
Planetarium Management
Piyush Pandey
Director | Various Planetariums
[ 35 years Experience ]

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What is Planetarium Management?

Piyush Pandey: "A planetarium is a theatre built primarily for presenting educational and entertaining shows about astronomy and the night sky, or for training in celestial navigation."

How I got into Planetarium Management?

Piyush Pandey: "After doing my schooling, I did B Sc and then my M Sc in Physics (with specialization in Electronics) from D. S. B. College Nainital. After that, I joined State Observatory at Nainital (now known as Aryabhatta Research Institute of Environmental Sciences ARIES) as a research scientist. I worked there in the field of star clusters and on instrumentation. Both these trainings came handy to me in my career later in the planetarium field. I have worked in Mumbai, Allahabad and Kolkata Planetariums. I have published various papers in National & International journals."

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  What Is:
     1) Planetarium Management  
     2) Physics  
     3) Astronomy  
     4) Digital Technology  
     5) Presentation and Language  
     6) Passion and Dedication  
     7) Communication  
     8) Writing  
     9) Satisfaction  
     10) Continuous Learning  
     11) Opportunities  
     12) Lack of Knowledge  
     13) Interaction with Public  
     14) Taboos and Superstitions  
  A Day Of:
     15) Planetarium Management  

LifePage Career Talk on Planetarium Management

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(Planetarium Management, Piyush Pandey, Nehru Planetarium, Natural Science, Celestial Objects, Space Science, Cosmology, Observational astronomy, Science Center, Science Museum)

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