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LifePage Career Centre is a setup within a School which guides students on how to take smart Career decisions. LifePage trained staff at the Centre uses the repository of 1,183 Career Talks to guide pupils.

LifePage Career Centre will enable your students to take wise Career decisions which will go a long way in strengthening your School's value proposition. Please connect with us for further details.

Why are some Schools considered way better than others? Is it the age of the School? Is it the infrastructure? Is it the location? Is it Board examination marks? Is it which Colleges its pupils join after School? Is it the number of inter school competitions its pupils win?

The single most important driver for the Legacy of a School is "How successful its ex students are in real life?" And, now the question is what determines how successful a student will be in future?

While everyone seems to be focussed on marks and admissions, success in real life is determined by planning (choosing the right Career) and preparation (developing the skills required for success in the chosen Career).

Do your current students realize the need to take a good Career decision? How many of them can articulate even 5 sensible lines about whatever they have chosen to do for the rest of their life?

What is point of a Career Services department which merely tells students about admissions procedures? Why invest in a department when all this information is already available on Google?

The entire education system is focussed on How (grades and admissions), when in reality Why (planning and preparation) is what really matters.

LifePage has revolutionized the Why. Using The LifePage App 123,181+ users access 1,183 Career Talks from real professionals to learn about various Careers. Then they can do Self Assessments to choose a Career.

LifePage Career Plan has taken the How to the next level. Once the student can write 20+ lines about his or her chosen Career, we work through eligibility and much more importantly on a Skill development plan.

Here are a few samples:

Class XI student Shreya wanted to pursue humanities while her parents wanted Science

Class XII student Prabhleen wanted to pursue an unconventional Career

College student Ruchika was not sure of which Career to pursue

The mission of LifePage is to enable students to take smart Career decisions. Our App is free and our Guide helps students make the best use of our App. Our paid offerings are delivered by LifePage trained Career Advisors and a significant portion of the Fees is paid out to the Advisor.

A LifePage Career Centre in your School will enable your students realize the full potential of LifePage. It will also help you reorient parents, teachers and students from How (marks and admissions) to Why (planning and preparation).

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