Mahima Gupta


[ Owner | Happy Valley Vets Pet Clinic ]

Mahima has done her schooling from Mumbai. After that, she went on to do Vet Science Degree and graduated in 2012. She is practising veterinary medicine since 2012, later she specialized in animal ophthalmology for all Animals.

Professional Experience

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Veterinary Medicine
  Notably: Owner
  in: Happy Valley Vets Pet Clinic
7 years & 2 months [May 2012 - Jul 2019]

A veterinary physician, usually called a vet, which is shortened from veterinarian or veterinary surgeon, is a professional who practices veterinary medicine by treating diseases, disorders, and injuries in animals.

"After my schooling, I joined Vet Science and did graduation in Veterinary medicine. I started my career with treating horses and later, I specialised in Animal Ophthalmology for all animals."


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