Meghna Johar


[ Designer | Wood Be Lovely, Dehradun ]

Graduation (English) - Miranda House, DU
Diploma (Textile Design)

Meghna Johar is an English Graduate from Miranda house in Delhi University and has a Diploma on Textile Design. She has her own venture by the name of Wood Be Lovely, which started as a hobby but then she made it into a full profitable profession.

Professional Experience
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Wood Product Design
  Notably: Designer
  in: Wood Be Lovely, Dehradun
9 years & 2 months [Feb 2010 - Apr 2019]

Furniture Design is making art from something as basic and abundant as wood. Pieces of furniture not only add function and practicality to a space, but they also add style and personality.

"I am English graduated from Miranda House in Delhi University. I am a diploma holder in Textile Design and I went to married an air force pilot. The pluses of being married in the services is that, gave me a lot of experience and exposure, what went on to help me in my present line of work. I have a little venture which I call “Wood Be Lovely” a name suggest I work with wood and what started as a hobby has gone on to become a very satisfying profession."


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