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Career Advisor
Kapil Rawat

Based in India

Dehradun (Rajpur Road)

Speaks: English and Hindi

Kapil Rawat

Career Advisor Kapil Rawat [Dehradun - India] MBA - IESE Business School, Spain <br />
MBA (Exchange Sem) - Ross Business School, Michigan, USA <br />
MA Economics - Jawaharlal Nehru University,...

MBA - IESE Business School, Spain
MBA (Exchange Sem) - Ross Business School, Michigan, USA
MA Economics - Jawaharlal Nehru University, India
Cost Accountant - ICWAI, India
B Com - Lucknow University, India

Kapil started his career in Decision management with GE Corp in Bangalore and then moved on to Prudential Plc in London. Having gained 4 years of work experience he earned a scholarship to study MBA from IESE Business School in Barcelona which is ranked amongst the top 10 Business Schools in the world. After his MBA, Kapil started working with Citibank in New York as a Financial management Associate, he subsequently worked with Citibank in London, Dublin, New Delhi and Mumbai doing Innovation Management and Product Management.

At the age of 29, Kapil became one of the youngest Vice Presidents in Citibank and at the age of 33 he quit his corporate career to pursue his long cherished vision of helping students take smart career decisions. He is currently the Founder and CEO of LifePage.

Make your Career Plan with

Kapil Rawat

LifePage Career Plan is a 14 hour program (max time 30 days), during which Kapil Rawat will work with you (over phone) to document, which Career is best for you, how will you get into your chosen Career and how you will excel at your chosen Career. The Career Plan will be made in English, however Kapil Rawat can guide you in English and Hindi.

Kapil Rawat has worked on 26 Career Plans and these are the Testimonials from Kapil Rawat's candidates.

Career Plan Testimonials

[ 1 / 26 ]

Working Professional #1
[School: 1 | College: 0 | Working: 25]

Lifepage is a structured approach to develop one’s career plan. It is a fine balance of vast flexibility to explore the enormous career choices available and having step by step defined processes to describe one’s definite career plan. The availability of the variety of career talks is impressive and I am astounded at the speed at which new talks are being added every day.

Kapil has been an outstanding mentor. Being the founder of LifePage, he is, of course, the best source to get the values and philosophy behind the initiative. However, his patient explanation of each step in detail is what makes him special as a mentor. He is full of energy and shows a high drive to walk-through the entire process. Kapil is respectful and professional at the same time. He is very approachable and punctual. His advisor tips and explanations are timely and helpful. He listens patiently and is open to different ideas and contrary views. He shows sensitivity and understands others’ perspectives.

Pankaj Dixit | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 2 / 26 ]

Working Professional #2
[School: 1 | College: 0 | Working: 25]

Life page is a career oriented as well life oriented site. When I started my career plan I was little sceptical but my advisor Mr Kapil not only clear my doubts but has given me a new vision towards career options. Lifepage has given me opportunity to explore different career options of my interest with guidance and assessments. Kapil sir not only help me to choose the career but also to deeply introspect why I am choosing it.

With the help of life page i can see all levels starting from initial to higher level. This page also give me a good vision about education / positives / challenges / skills. With the help of life page I am able to see within myself what is my strength and the area where I need to improve and how to improve. This is one site with complete career solution. I am so grateful to lifepage who given me complete direction and path towards my career. Thank you.

Namita | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 3 / 26 ]

Working Professional #3
[School: 1 | College: 0 | Working: 25]

Life page is a higly innovative and revolutionary idea to help students choose the right Career Path. The app provides comprehensive information and deep insight into more than 940 career options to enable students decide on the right Career Choices. Think of a conventional field like Engineering, Medicine, Law, Design, Arts, Management, or a non-conventional career like Entrepreneurship, Startup, Consultancy, Digital Marketing and there you have detailed information from successful professionals in these arenas. Students not only benefit by exploring but it also motivates them to introspect and assess themselves.

Finally the personalized Career Plan is the real icing on the cake. It chalks out a complete career path and gives the right direction to assist and aid students accomplish their goals. I recommend it to every student !!!

Mamta Sharma | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 4 / 26 ]

Working Professional #4
[School: 1 | College: 0 | Working: 25]

Life Page Career Plan concept is a need of the hour for student especially in a country like India.The Journey of Life page Career Plan was excellent. In this Journey of my career plan with life page it was a very different experience all together. Every process of making a career plan was really enjoyable and has an in depth learning process and systematic approach.

I shall recommend every student to go through this process of choosing his/her Career through Life Page extensive and detail career plan process to achieve success in his/her career. Lastly, shall like to convey to all aspiring students 'DON'T MISS THE BUS IN THIS COMPETITIVE WORLD WHERE EVERY SINGLE SECOND NEW CAREER IS EMERGING. JOIN LIFE PAGE CAREER PLAN AND EXPLORE YOUR SELF TO ACHIEVE SUCCESSFUL CAREER AHEAD.'

Anurag Bharaktiya | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 5 / 26 ]

Working Professional #5
[School: 1 | College: 0 | Working: 25]

Life page is undoubtedly a great way explore career's, irrespective of age, gender, background. One gets an access to mind blowing career options. It does take time and efforts but career is not something one can decide on a fancy notion, it actually compels a person to portray oneself in a career role, then decide if it is what you want to do for rest of life. The best part of the whole process for me was interaction and mentoring from the man himself, Mr Kapil Rawat who conceptualised the Lifepage concept and app. He is very knowledgeable, professional in his approach, was patient with my queries and addressed them with relevant suggestions and was approachable at all times. Highly recommend the app platform for one and all.

Harminder Mehndiratta | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 6 / 26 ]

Working Professional #6
[School: 1 | College: 0 | Working: 25]

Life page is one of its kind and completely unique portal which is destined to revolutionize how careers are chosen in India and how various creative and artistic pursuits are evaluated. In the long run, this would bring a radical shift in the professional composition in Indian society.

The broad spectrum of careers available on the platform is something which opens mental doors for students and parents showing them possibilities outside of the traditional narrow tunnel of few counted professions limiting the destiny of Indians and hence this platform allows the creative and other sides of individuals to be expressed and capitalized upon bringing inner satisfaction of matching one's true self to the pursuit.

Sushma Verma | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 7 / 26 ]

Working Professional #7
[School: 1 | College: 0 | Working: 25]

Lifepage is true to its name. You actually come alive to so many things besides career choices. It is amazing to see that this app does not bar the people will less percentages, less education , less understanding. The app is so motivating and exciting that you actually smile and say yes I can. In fact the qualities that you can imbibe while working with this app are extraordinary. Building skills,facing challenges and converting them into positive aspects is no mean feat.

Lifepage leads to make leaders who have confident communication and tons of patience. You discover things about yourself which you never knew existed. A very enjoyable exercise which provides monetary benefits as well. in all GREAT.

Madhubala Chaturvedi | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 8 / 26 ]

Working Professional #8
[School: 1 | College: 0 | Working: 25]

LifePage is an innovative cutting edge app backed up with vast amount of research and ingenious use of digital platform. Its huge potential lies in the simple way it can present different career information in painstaking details to any aspirant through a few simple clicks.

My mentor, Kapil Rawat, is amazingly well informed in break through contemporary careers along with the usual ones. Some of the talks he exposed me to added both knowledge & value to me even though I wouldn't choose them as my career. The process of making a 'Plan' is inventive and unconventional. Being in the coaching industry I look forward to using it as an effective tool with my future clients. Thanks Kapil & team. Well done!

Jonaki Ghosh Thomas | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 9 / 26 ]

School Student #1
[School: 1 | College: 0 | Working: 25]

The whole idea and concept of Life Page is unique and highly acknowledgeable. It enables and motivates individuals to form their own independent view and choose the best career for themselves. LifePage not only helped me to choose the right career for myself ,but also helped me to plan out the path which will eventually lead me to my goal. Moreover, I learnt a lot about the other career options which were earlier unknown to me, through LifePage Career Talks .

I’m really thankful to Team LifePage , especially Sir Kapil for guiding me throughout the whole process and finally making an appropriate career plan for me. Thank You ! Wishing Team LifePage lots of success & Luck!

Prabhleen Kaur | School Student Testimonial
[ 10 / 26 ]

Working Professional #9
[School: 1 | College: 0 | Working: 25]

Wow !!! Awesome experience of going through the process of Creating my Career Plan !!! Right from the onset of our interaction.

Kapil was like a friend who forced me to think and introspect . Discussions with Kapil after every career talk , was enlightening and insightful .

As an expert coach he navigated me through various talks. The concept of Dream Index is very reassuring and in our concluding discussion Kapil elucidated and explained in detail steps required for me to gain knowledge and skills to excel as a Life page Career Advisor !! Remarkable , Life changing experience ! Thank you Kapil and entire Life Page team for supporting me in creating my career plan.

Punit Pandey | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 11 / 26 ]

Working Professional #10
[School: 1 | College: 0 | Working: 25]

LifePage is a cradle abode of facilitation towards a progressive journey of success by helping individuals to find right career choices.

The entire process has been scientifically designed and developed with the help of the user friendly application to cater to individual career interest wherein one gets independent options to choose from a wide range of careers which has been further strongly backed by professional advisory system at each step. With best wishes to the life page team - keep up the good work.

Deepak Sharma | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 12 / 26 ]

Working Professional #11
[School: 1 | College: 0 | Working: 25]

I really enjoyed the experience. I must confess I was a bit skeptical about all the technology and structure behind it. Very soon, my skepticism turned to amusement and admiration for the team behind LifePage.

The process is so well structured and thought; it brings the best of the participant every step of the way. Being able to work with such a knowledgeable, open, and patient coach made the experience very enjoyable. I am very excited to be part of the LifePage team.

Maricela Suarez Fuster | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 13 / 26 ]

Working Professional #12
[School: 1 | College: 0 | Working: 25]

As the name describes , life page’s amazing with lots of career talk for a student to explore ,an advisor is appointed for a student for discussion of the assessment done after each career talk ..and good amount of time investment from life page career advisors for the students .. so LifePage app and the service provided is creative, extra ordinary, supportive with lots of knowledge ,guidance and superb clearity while choosing a career pathway... Thanking you .

Aliya Patel | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 14 / 26 ]

Working Professional #13
[School: 1 | College: 0 | Working: 25]

I think it is a great tool to know more about career choices the process helps to make a decision based on facts and awareness. The discussion with the advisor helps to pinpoint missing information or perspective to enhance making the right decision. when it comes to the plan, it is major step to clarify the actions needed to be done to reach the desired career. it is easy to understand and making it easy to relate everything together to be able to take immediate action.

Rehab Ali Elrefaei | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 15 / 26 ]

Working Professional #14
[School: 1 | College: 0 | Working: 25]

Life page is a brilliant career coaching tool. It follows a comprehensive process that highlights the various options that I can explore, deep dive into and find the ones that resonate with my ambitions and career aspirations. The career coach was very thorough and quite insightful in identifying my thought and he was able to address my concerns in a rational, logical manner. Overall a very high quality way to navigate the complex path of career choosing.

Gaurav Dewan | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 16 / 26 ]

Working Professional #15
[School: 1 | College: 0 | Working: 25]

Life page surely is a new ray of light for the one who feels lost in terms of making an important decision of choosing one’s career path. I clearly envision how Life page is going to revolutionalise the whole way of career coaching/counseling in the times to come. The future seems bright with such out of the box ideas and approach. ’My heartfelt thanks to team Life page for making this possible for all of us! May you shine bright always!

Ruchi Sharma | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 17 / 26 ]

Working Professional #16
[School: 1 | College: 0 | Working: 25]

The session with Mr. Kapil was pretty effective in helping me address my concerns and difficulties related to my career aspect. After the conversation, I learnt where I need to put more efforts. He is one of the best counsellors with Life page and a good command on his guidance delivery. I owe Mr. Kapil my special gratitude for the resourceful ways he told me to become better.

Bhavna Chavda | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 18 / 26 ]

Working Professional #17
[School: 1 | College: 0 | Working: 25]

I think LifePage is an amazing approach to career planning with absolute clarity to the candidate on the way forward. It not only helps one zero down on a suitable career but also provides a detailed and comprehensive path to reach that goal. Kapil was amazing as a facilitator and patiently helped me navigate many choices and offered practical advise at each step. Thank you!

Vishakha Bhagnani | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 19 / 26 ]

Working Professional #18
[School: 1 | College: 0 | Working: 25]

LifePage is an amazing platform with a great team that is very much defined to help the students’ community and professionals as well, guiding them to make their perfect career choices and to attain mid-career progress as well.

Personally, I felt greatly motivated having my career plan discussed with Kapil Rawat and wishing the team the best in their endeavors!

Puviarasi | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 20 / 26 ]

Working Professional #19
[School: 1 | College: 0 | Working: 25]

Thank you so much team life page for making my career plan at this point of time where I was looking to settle down with something that suits me best, my advisor gave me all opportunities to explore various career options but finally with lot of time n his patience we managed to zero what was best suited for me.

Special thanks to Kapil....keep up the good work.

Dr Kshitiza Singh | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 21 / 26 ]

Working Professional #20
[School: 1 | College: 0 | Working: 25]

My experience of Lifepage has very interesting, engaging and reflective conversations that help one understand their preferences, get clarity of thought and make informed decisions about their career. Helps you explore multiple careers, listen to professionals from the relevant industries about their journey and what it takes to be successful.

Pooja Jain | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 22 / 26 ]

Working Professional #21
[School: 1 | College: 0 | Working: 25]

Feeling so blessed & thankful to Almighty for giving me a vision to see life differently and decide a good career plan for myself through LifePage app. This was made possible by Mr Kapil Rawat (CEO LifePage) who is an eager beaver with undaunted spirit and highly motivating nature.

Thank you Sir! You and LifePage deserves the Best!!

Gurpreet Kaur | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 23 / 26 ]

Working Professional #22
[School: 1 | College: 0 | Working: 25]

LifePage is a wonderful app for all those who wish to have a clarity on their best career path. A much needed option for both students and professionals alike. The one week career plan - is an amazing service that can be both introspective and transformative.

I wish LifePage a great success ahead. Keep up the good work.

Vikas | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 24 / 26 ]

Working Professional #23
[School: 1 | College: 0 | Working: 25]

It was such a great experience to explore so many career videos on the LifePage app. It was a great revelation to me when my advisor, after intensive discussions, video assessments, calculation of my dream index, came up with the right career choice for me. I am very grateful to LifePage for the time spent.

Veena Krishna | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 25 / 26 ]

Working Professional #24
[School: 1 | College: 0 | Working: 25]

Excellent initiative. Very relevant. Amazing leverage of technology. Absolutely suitable for millenials. It will revolutionize the Career Counselling for 9th and 10th students. I am very impressed by LifePage. Being in career coaching profession I can realise the disrupting impact of LifePage.

Kiriti Sen | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 26 / 26 ]

Working Professional #25
[School: 1 | College: 0 | Working: 25]

LifePage is a holistic process towards career planning further leading to a career choice. The App, is really user friendly, rich in content and the team is very helpful. I wish them all the best.

Rajat Malik | Working Professional Testimonial

Meet Kapil Rawat in India

Dehradun (Rajpur Road)

You can meet Kapil Rawat physically for a 45 minute conversation where Kapil Rawat can help you think more clearly about your Career. Kapil Rawat can speak English and Hindi. Once you sign up, Kapil Rawat will get in touch with you to agree upon a time and place for the meeting.

Have a phone Discussion

with Kapil Rawat

You can call Kapil Rawat for a 45 minute conversation where Kapil Rawat can help you think more clearly about your Career. Once you sign up, Kapil Rawat will get in touch with you to agree upon a time for the call. Kapil Rawat can speak English and Hindi.

Career Advisor

Kapil Rawat's Experience

LifePage Career Awareness Platform
Start-up Entrepreneurship
  Notably: Founder and CEO
  in: LifePage
12 years & 3 months [Mar 2012 - Jun 2024]

What is Start-up Entrepreneurship / What is a Career in Start-up Entrepreneurship: Start-up Entrepreneurship is the entire gamut of activities related to conceptualizing, financing, developing, testing, marketing and managing a Start-up. A Start-up founder needs to start with an idea he/she feels extremely passionate about and then step by step build a product which is viable in the market.

Start-up Entrepreneurship Course / How I got into Start-up Entrepreneurship: "I have been working on the concept of LifePage since 2005. In 2012, I quit my corporate career and started working on it full time."

LifePage Career Awareness Platform
Product Management
  Notably: VP Liabilities Product
  in: Citibank
15 years & 2 months [Mar 2009 - Jun 2024]

What is Product Management / What is a Career in Product Management: Product Management is an organizational lifecycle function within a company dealing with the planning, forecasting, and production, or marketing of a product or products at all stages of the product lifecycle.

Product Management Course / How I got into Product Management: "After 2 years of financial management and 2 years of innovation management at Citibank, I took a transfer to India where I worked as the Liabilities Head for Citibank managing both the domestic as well as NRI market."

LifePage Career Awareness Platform
Innovation Management
  Notably: Vice President - Innovation
  in: Citibank, Dublin
1 year & 7 months [Mar 2009 - Oct 2010]

What is Innovation Management / What is a Career in Innovation Management: Innovation management includes a set of tools that allow managers and engineers to cooperate with a common understanding of processes and goals. Innovation management allows the organization to respond to external or internal opportunities, and use its creativity to introduce new ideas, processes or products.

Innovation Management Course / How I got into Innovation Management: "I worked for Citibank's Innovation Center for Excellence in Dublin and was responsible for managing two significant innovations in the Global Transaction Services business."

LifePage Career Awareness Platform
Financial Management
  Notably: Financial Mgmt Associate
  in: Citibank - New York, London, Dublin & Delhi
1 year & 6 months [Aug 2007 - Feb 2009]

What is Financial Management / What is a Career in Financial Management: Financial Management means planning, organizing, directing and controlling the financial activities such as procurement and utilization of funds of the enterprise.

Financial Management Course / How I got into Financial Management: "I did MBA from IESE Business School, Barcelona. After MBA I joined Citibank’s Financial Management Associate program in New York."

LifePage Career Awareness Platform
Decision Management
  Notably: Business Analyst
  in: G E Corp, Bangalore
3 years & 2 months [May 2002 - Jul 2005]

What is Decision Management / What is a Career in Decision Management: Use of computers allows organizations to collect enormous amount of data. Decision Management is tasked with analyzing this data to help take smarter business decisions. These decisions can comprise of anything and everything, like which advertisement to show to a particular user on Facebook or which credit card defaulters to call and when.

Decision Management Course / How I got into Decision Management: "After M A in Economics from JNU, I started my career as a Business Analyst with G E Corp in Bangalore. In my almost two years there I was responsible for making data based collections strategies for two large US retailers with several million defaulting buyers."

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LinkedIn Profile

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