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Career Advisor
Kiriti Sen

Based in India

Delhi NCR (Jalvayu Vihar)

Speaks: English, Bengali, Hindi and Gujarati

Kiriti Sen

Career Advisor Kiriti Sen [Delhi NCR - India] B Sc<br />
MBA in HR from XISS Ranchi <br />
<br />
Certified Career and Life coach from Symbiosis Coach training USA<br />
Life member National H...

B Sc
MBA in HR from XISS Ranchi

Certified Career and Life coach from Symbiosis Coach training USA
Life member National HRD network and Indian society for Training and Development
Director ( Community Service)
Internal Coach Fedaration Delhi Chapter.

Accomplished Senior HR specialist with 35 years of experience. Passionate about mentoring and coaching executives, students, entrepreneurs, home makers, NGO volunteers. Completed more than 200 hours of coaching practice with proven track record of successfully providing solutions for career challenges.

Make your Career Plan with

Kiriti Sen

LifePage Career Plan is a 14 hour program (max time 30 days), during which Kiriti Sen will work with you (over phone) to document, which Career is best for you, how will you get into your chosen Career and how you will excel at your chosen Career. The Career Plan will be made in English, however Kiriti Sen can guide you in English, Bengali, Hindi and Gujarati.

Kiriti Sen has worked on 9 Career Plans and these are the Testimonials from Kiriti Sen's candidates.

Career Plan Testimonials

[ 1 / 9 ]

Working Professional #1
[School: 0 | College: 4 | Working: 5]

Mr. Sen has been unbelievable patient with my confusion in the professional workspace and extremely helpful in providing me with the relevant information and guiding the way forward. His unnerving postivity and faith has helped me through a really stressful time of doubting my own worth in a professional environment.

As for Lifepage, it is a brilliant initiative of Kapil Rawat and unlike anything I have seen before. A platform that talks about literally every possible professional stream and discipline through not only information but also through professionals who are successful in their fields. Each talk is about 30 mins on an average and talks about the pros, cons, a day in the life of and the skills required which makes it so much easier for any candidate any professional to choose a stream based on his/ her passions. Hats off to the team for this amazing platform and a big thank you to Mr. Sen!

Megha Gupta | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 2 / 9 ]

Working Professional #2
[School: 0 | College: 4 | Working: 5]

My journey with lifepage was full of learnings. In this period I've seen myself getting exposed to career opportunities in diverse fields in which one could craft a career.

My mentor, Mr. Kiriti Sen, who is a very learned man, helped me analyze my aptitude, my strengths, and gave me practical advice to help me make an informed choice.
He was also very positive and motivating at each and every step.

After lifepage, I'm very confident and positive about myself that I'd do well in any career path I choose. I'd like to thank lifepage for this amazing platform and Mr. Kiriti Sen for his detailed guidance.

Deshna Jain | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 3 / 9 ]

College Student #1
[School: 0 | College: 4 | Working: 5]

Like most of the other students, I was quite confused about about my career path. I came across LifePage quite accidentally and it was a blessing for me. With more than 1000 talks related to every possible field, I got to explore various areas, getting to know the details about it and then with the help of my counsellor, working on the 'Why' behind those choices.
LifePage made me believe that whatever career choice I take, no matter how difficult, I can achieve it and excel in that field. It not only brought me the clarity but also the confidence to enter the field.

Kashish | College Student Testimonial
[ 4 / 9 ]

Working Professional #3
[School: 0 | College: 4 | Working: 5]

The process of career planning with LifePage has been exceptionally insightful. The method involves a guided introspective approach which has helped me in gaining immense clarity.

I am grateful for the guidance I received from Mr.Kiriti Sen. Sir is an extremely genuine person who has such an optimistic outlook towards life. He did not only assist me with my career plan but went beyond what is required of him and guided me with numerous things regarding life. His experience and his passion for helping people are evident through his engagement.

Eshan Narain | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 5 / 9 ]

Working Professional #4
[School: 0 | College: 4 | Working: 5]

Career is the crucial part of anyone's life. Lifepage is an amazing platform which provide best career counselling. If a person is confused then possible ways to get the taste of each profession is by going through or talk/listen to people who are into that profession.

Before connecting with lifepage i was very confuse for my career choices but now i am fully satisfied by them. The mentor assign to me was Kiriti sir and i think he was very patient between the session and suggest best ideas.

Aditi Mathur | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 6 / 9 ]

Working Professional #5
[School: 0 | College: 4 | Working: 5]

It is an amazing platform which provides a comprehensive guidance to people who are looking for a career change and helps people find their passion. The advisor allotted to me, Mr. Kiriti Sen is an amazing mentor and guide and he genuinely wants to help people find their passion and reach their highest potential. I am very happy I found this app and the help it provided me in shaping my life more decisively.

Padmawati Rajput | Working Professional Testimonial
[ 7 / 9 ]

College Student #2
[School: 0 | College: 4 | Working: 5]

My experience with life page was amazing. It has many videos on every subject which was excellent. It provides me the best advisor for my future plan and now i am clear that i am going to make my career in journalism. Overall experience was very good. At last i would like to thanks KRITI SEN sir who was very knowledgeable, very kind to me and understands me properly. Thankyou 🙏

Varun Gupta | College Student Testimonial
[ 8 / 9 ]

College Student #3
[School: 0 | College: 4 | Working: 5]

It is amazing platform to explore about the Career of one's choice and interest. It is unique and revolutionary idea to help peoples perusing the carrier of their interest. I am lucky that i was a part of their plan. Lifepage is doing a great work by guiding the students like me.

Thankyou lifepage to realise me my passion...

Harsh Bhardwaj | College Student Testimonial
[ 9 / 9 ]

College Student #4
[School: 0 | College: 4 | Working: 5]

Life page has been a great help in giving me clarity and confidence on what I can achieve! It has helped me develop a different outlook towards the field of Finance! It was a great experience! Excited about what lies ahead!

Kriti | College Student Testimonial

Meet Kiriti Sen in India

Delhi NCR (Jalvayu Vihar)

You can meet Kiriti Sen physically for a 45 minute conversation where Kiriti Sen can help you think more clearly about your Career. Kiriti Sen can speak English, Bengali, Hindi and Gujarati. Once you sign up, Kiriti Sen will get in touch with you to agree upon a time and place for the meeting.

Have a phone Discussion

with Kiriti Sen

You can call Kiriti Sen for a 45 minute conversation where Kiriti Sen can help you think more clearly about your Career. Once you sign up, Kiriti Sen will get in touch with you to agree upon a time for the call. Kiriti Sen can speak English, Bengali, Hindi and Gujarati.

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