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Career in Music Curation

By Akshay Ahuja
[ Founder | Big Band Theory ]

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What is Music Curation?

Akshay Ahuja: "A music curator helps an artist with the business aspect of his/her work. Curation involves going to different venues and taking care of the live music that happens there during events. A curator understands what kind of artist would gel with what kind of venue."

How I got into Music Curation?

Akshay Ahuja: "I did my schooling from PineHall School Dehradun after which I did my graduation from Chandigarh in Bachelor of Business. Soon after that I was placed in Google where I worked for four years and learned a lot of digital marketing and strategy building there. Soon after that I formed the company The Big Band Theory."

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  What Is:
     1) Music Curation  
     2) Music Business  
     3) KPMG Trends  
     4) Youtube Tutorials  
     5) Conferences  
     6) Management  
     7) Multitasking  
     8) Spontaneous  
     9) Keen Observer  
     10) Hustler  
     11) Geek  
     12) Passion  
     13) Visionary  
     14) Personality Development  
     15) Awareness Of The Business  
     16) Learning From Your Failures  
     17) Freedom  
     18) Recognition  
     19) Understanding the Vision  
     20) Building a Team  
     21) Lack Of Financing  
     22) Concept Understanding  
  A Day Of:
     23) Music Curation  

LifePage Career Talk on Music Curation

Full Talk:

(Music Curation, Akshay Ahuja, The Big Band Theory, Achiever, Events, Gigs, Manager)

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