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Career in Entrepreneurship

By Raunak Jain
[ Director | Tula's International School ]

Career in Career-in-Entrepreneurship/english
Raunak Jain
Director | Tula's International School
[ 6 years Experience ]

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What is Entrepreneurship?

Raunak Jain: "Entrepreneurship is the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. Edupreneurs are educational entrepreneurs, those who start schools, colleges, coaching institutions, universities or anything do with educational start ups can be termed as edupreneurs."

How I got into Entrepreneurship?

Raunak Jain: "After completing my education, I joined my family business and I am the Director at Tula's International School. As a Vice President, I am responsible for the external matters of Tula's."

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  What Is:
     1) Entrepreneurship  
     2) Management  
     3) Norms of the Industry  
     4) Regional Knowledge  
     5) Financial Management  
     6) Marketing  
     7) International Management  
     8) Different Technologies  
     9) Communication Skills  
     10) People Management  
     11) Oratory Skills  
     12) Leadership Skills  
     13) Behavioural Skills  
     14) Planning Skills  
     15) Physical & Mental Agility  
     16) Young & Energetic  
     17) Strong Networking  
     18) Continuous Learning  
     19) Travelling  
     20) Multiculturalism  
     21) Job Satisfaction  
     22) Choosing Right Person for Right Job  
     23) Age Barrier  
     24) Exhausting Schedule  
     25) Vocation V/S Avocation  
  A Day Of:
     26) Entrepreneurship  

LifePage Career Talk on Entrepreneurship

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(Entrepreneurship, Raunak Jain, Tulas International School, Director, Education Sector, Entrepreneur, School Management, Business, School Business, International School)

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