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Career in Structural Engineering

By Sumit Kothari
[ Founder | SHA Constructions ]

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What is Structural Engineering?

Sumit Kothari: "Structural engineering is that part of civil engineering in which structural engineers are educated to create the bones and muscles that create the form and shape of man made structures."

How I got into Structural Engineering?

Sumit Kothari: "I graduated in Civil Engineering from Uttarakhand Technical University and worked for Kailash Group of Hospitals for some time. I then did Masters in Structural Engineering and opened my own firm by the name SHA Constructions. I am Structural Engineer at SHA Constructions."

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  What Is:
     1) Structural Engineering  
     2) Advanced Structural Engineering  
     3) Concrete Technology  
     4) Structural Investigation  
     5) Building Material & Construction  
     6) Advanced Solid Mechanics  
     7) Quantity Surveying  
     8) Reinforced Cement Concrete  
     9) Mathematical Skills  
     10) Software Skills  
     11) Communication Skills  
     12) Observation Skills  
     13) Scientific Knowledge  
     14) Application of Design Codes  
     15) Internal Happiness  
     16) Building Earthquake Resistant Structures  
     17) Working with New People & Ideas  
     18) Growth Opportunities  
     19) Old Construction Practices  
     20) Dealing with Common People  
     21) Conservative Styles of Construction  
  A Day Of:
     22) Structural Engineering  

LifePage Career Talk on Structural Engineering

Full Talk:

(Structural Engineering, Sumit Kothari, SHA Constructions, Founder, Structural Engineer, Civil Engineering)

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