Career in Librarianship

By Anupama Saini
[ Senior Manager - Library | British Council ]

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What is Librarianship?

Anupama Saini: "Librarianship involves collecting, organizing, preserving and disseminating information to those who need it. Librarians help their constituencies find and make use of information contained in a collection of various kinds, sizes and resources to support individual needs as well as an organization's strategic goals."

How I got into Librarianship?

Anupama Saini: "I graduated in commerce from Delhi University and got placed at EY. I realised my love for books and decided to pursue bachelors & masters in Library Sciences from Delhi University. I also did a diploma in Library Automation & Networking. Soon after that, I got selected at Delhi High Court as an Assistant Librarian and after working there for 1.5 years, I moved to British Council in 2018. I am Senior Manager - Library at British Council."

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  What Is:
     1) Librarianship  
     2) Library & Information Science  
     3) Information & Communication Technology  
     4) Management  
     5) Law  
     6) Love & Respect for Books  
     7) Communication Skills  
     8) Leadership Skills  
     9) Event Management Skills  
     10) Continuous Learning  
     11) Resourcefulness  
     12) Ethics & Integrity  
     13) Willingness to serve People  
     14) Job Satisfaction  
     15) Work-Life Balance  
     16) Opportunity to Learn  
     17) Exposure  
     18) Need for Constant Up-gradation  
     19) Social Stereotypes  
     20) Chances of Stagnation  
  A Day Of:
     21) Librarianship  

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