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Career Seminar

LifePage Career Seminar on 'How to choose a Career?' will help you think more clearly about your Career and also guide you on how to use 1,269 Career Talks on LifePage.



Organize this Seminar

Welcome to LifePage - world's most evolved Career platform. At LifePage, we believe that a smart career decision is 90% - Why I wish to do something and 10% - How I can do what I choose to do.

To address the Why a student needs to work on his or her Awareness. LifePage enables this through our free Android App, where students can access 1,269 Career Talks from real professionals on 1,142+ Career Options. LifePage Speakers provide a balanced view of their profession. This App has 123,181+ installs.

For the How: LifePage offers a paid personalized Career Plan program wherein a Career Advisor works with a student on the phone for 14 hours spread across 7 days to document:
1) Which Career is best
2) How to enter it
3) How to excel in it
On The Plan Page you can find Plan examples, Testimonials and Advisor Profiles.

Students are just too bogged down with Marks and Admissions. They do not realize that success in life actually depends on Planning and Preparation. Not just students, but parents and teachers too, need to start looking at Career choices from a completely fresh perspective. This can be achieved through this seminar titled "How to choose a career?"

We propose to organize a 3 Hour Career Event which should be open to all students, parents and teachers from Class VIII onwards. During the event, we would first deliver our seminar for 1 hour and 15 mins. Followed by 45 mins of group Q & A. After this, our team will be available for another hour to address any queries which students / parents / teachers may have.

Once you fix (group, date, time and venue); we can email you the revised poster below.

Kind Regards,

Team LifePage

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