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Cosmic Healer and Aura Scientist Ajay Magan

Cosmic Healer and Aura Scientist Ajay Magan's story, professional experience and links.
[ Cosmic Healer and Aura Scientist | Various Assignments ]

Cosmic Healer and Aura Scientist Ajay Magan's Story

Doctorate (Ayurveda) - Gurukul, Haridwar
Naturopathy - Gandhi Institute, Delhi

Dr Ajay Magan is the dynamic personality who is born and brought up in much known Ayurveda family serving the society selflessly since last six generations.His family has been awarded many prestigious awards including President Awards, Dharam Chakra etc. He is the Researcher of Cosmic Science & Healing since 2012.

Cosmic Healer and Aura Scientist Ajay Magan's Professional Experience

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Cosmic Science & Healing
  Notably: Cosmic Healer and Aura Scientist
  in: Various Assignments
7 years & 8 months [Jul 2012 - Apr 2020]

What is Cosmic Science & Healing / What is a Career in Cosmic Science & Healing: Cosmic Science and Healing has existed since Aryan and Egyptian civilization. Cosmos is a science of five elements and about nature. It includes Aura Science and Frequency Science. Through cosmic we can heal ourselves, even cancer patients can be curved.

Cosmic Science & Healing Course / How I got into Cosmic Science & Healing: "I am from Haridwar and did my schooling from DPS. I am the Doctor of Ayurveda (6th generation).I am the researcher of Cosmic Science, Aura Science and Frequency Science."

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