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Ajmer Singh

Ajmer Singh | Video Editor Head | HNN 24*7
[ Video Editor Head | HNN 24*7 ]

M Com - DAV, Dehradun
Diploma (Mass Comm) - DAV, Dehradun

Ajmer Singh started his career in 2009 while doing an internship in Voice of Nations. After that he did various jobs in Delhi and Dehradun. Since then, he is working at HNN 24*7 as a video editor head.

Professional Experience

LifePage Career Awareness Platform
Video Editing
  Notably: Video Editor Head
  in: HNN 24*7
5 years & 7 months [Jul 2014 - Feb 2020]

Video editor is a person who manipulates and rearranges video shots to create a new work. It is the responsibility of the editor to make its videos attractive to the viewers.

"I started video editing in 2009. Since 2015, I have been working with HNN 24*7 as a video editor head."

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