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Estela Lopez

Estela Lopez's Story

Graduation - UNT, Faculty of Philosophy and Letters

Estela Lopez studied English in the UNT, in the faculty of Philosophy and Letters and while doing that she also studied Philosophy. She graduated on both careers In 1974 and 1977 respectively. After that she decided to set up an English academy with which was able to build her own company, still running today with branches in the south of Tucumán, Argentina. In addition to teaching English In her academy, she taught English in a private secondary institution and in the UNSTA. Also, along with English, she taught many other subjects like anthropology, epistemology, logic and physiology, but in fact most of her working time was dedicated to English. 

Estela Lopez's Experience

LifePage Career Awareness Platform
Teaching English
  Notably: English Teacher
  in: Oxford Institute
41 years & 3 months [May 1976 - Aug 2017]

What is Teaching English / What is a Career in Teaching English: Teaching English is a great challenge, because teaching, whatever the subject one has to teach students, is a permanent challenge. Even more so, English is doubly a challenge because you have to teach children not only to talk but to think in a different language. To teach English, and the cultures of the countries where it is spoken, is to open the minds of children, who perhaps through the language, realize the possibilities they have to know other ways of thinking, other ways of living. In short is to teach them that communication is not only in Spanish but there are other human groups, other human cultures, that have a different language and is good to learn them. And since English is a universal language, not one, but the universal language, the challenge becomes more exciting.

Teaching English Course / How I got into Teaching English: "I studied English because it seemed to me that it was a career that was going to have a lot of job opportunities, and I was not mistaken, and to take advantage of the year i lived with Americans when i went abroad with a student scholarship, which gave me a good level of English to begin with. I studied in the UNT, in the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, and while studying English, that was what would allow me to live, I studied philosophy that was what I was passionate about. I graduated as a teacher in English and i got my degree in philosophy in 1974 and 1977 respectively. By paternal suggestion I decided to set up an English academy with which I was able to build my own company, still running today with branches in the south of my province. In addition to teaching English in my academy, i taught English in a private secondary institution and in the UNSTA. Also, along with English, i taught many other things like anthropology, epistemology, logic and psychology, but in fact most of my working hours were dedicated to English. I made several trips to the United States with students from my academy, seeking to have them inmerge in the language, which is necessary to speak it."

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