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Madhubala Sachan

Madhubala Sachan's Story

BA (Ancient Indian History and Culture) - Kanpur University
MA (Ancient Indian History and Culture) - Kanpur University
PG Diploma (PR and Advertising) - Delhi University

Madhubala Sachan has done her schooling from Sardar Patel Vidyalaya and Lady Irwin School, Delhi. After that she did her BA and MA in Ancient History and Culture from Kanpur University. She is also a Kathak dancer and an enthusiastic artist. She is also associated with the Shri Ram Centre of Arts and Culture. As her family background was political, that gave her lot of exposure with people and their behaviour. That motivated her to take it up as her profession. She got her training from Pearson Academy for counselling. She has been doing Behavioural Counselling from 2008. Currently, she is Chief Counselor at the Sixth Sense and Bansal Classes. 

Madhubala Sachan's Experience

LifePage Career Awareness Platform
Behavioural Counselling
  Notably: Chief Counselor
  in: Sixth Sense
9 years [Mar 2008 - Mar 2017]

What is Behavioural Counselling / What is a Career in Behavioural Counselling: Behavioural Counselling is to understand people, monitor their behaviour and also to understand their problems. Once understanding these, the changes are suggested to improve their behaviour to become responsible and happy by the Counselor.

Behavioural Counselling Course / How I got into Behavioural Counselling: "Due to my family background which is political, I got lot of exposure with people and their behaviour. That motivated me to take up Behavioural Counselling as my profession. I got my training from Pearson Academy for counselling and started doing Behavioural Counselling. It has been 9 years, I am doing it. Currently, I am the Chief Counselor at the Sixth Sense and Bansal Classes."



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