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Store Manager Yasar Bijle

Store Manager Yasar Bijle's story, professional experience and links.
[ Store Manager | Kings Electronics ]

Store Manager Yasar Bijle's Story

Schooling - Mohindar Singh Kabal Singh English High School & Junior College

Yasar did his schooling from Mohindar Singh Kabal Singh English High School & Junior College, Kalyan. He worked with Aircel Pvt Ltd as a Promoter and after that he is working with Kings Electronics as Store Manager since 2016.

Store Manager Yasar Bijle's Professional Experience

LifePage Career Awareness Platform
Store Management
  Notably: Store Manager
  in: Kings Electronics
7 years & 8 months [Aug 2012 - Apr 2020]

What is Store Management / What is a Career in Store Management: Store management is to receive materials, to protect them while in storage from damage & unauthorized removal, to issue the material in the right quantities, at the right time to the right place and to provide these service promptly and at least cost.

Store Management Course / How I got into Store Management: "I did my schooling from Mohindar Singh Kabal Singh English High School & Junior College. I have 5 years of experience in retail and working with Kings Electronics as a Store Manager since 2016."

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